About Us

We are the English-speaking ministry of Burnaby Chinese Evangelical Free Church. We strive to be a transforming community making disciples of Jesus Christ. Feel free to come and join us as we journey together to seek God, love God more and more through His revelation in the Holy Bible, and to love others in the way we are called to. Everyone from all walks of life or of all ages is welcome. We look forward to getting to know you.

Service Time

Sunday 9:45am in the annex (next to sanctuary)

Sunday School

Sunday 11:30am in the large office.

In this series of Sunday school, we are reading and discussing a book on Discipleship.

Prayer Meeting

Sunday 11:00am in the large office before Sunday school.


6112 Rumble Street
Burnaby BC
Canada V5J 2C7
Phone:(604) 431-6969

We have returned to in person worship, please review the safety guideline before joining us.